My Guinevere

Red Roan Mare // 06.05.20
My Guinevere
AP Six Frosted Moons
My Paramour
Marthas Six Moons
AP Lily Frost
Sawyer Wood
Flit Bar Squaw
Six Fols
Lady Bugs Martha
Sun Frost
Chappelle Lily
Driftalong San
Lasaber Streak
Silva Squaw

Paid into: Future Fortunes, Triple Crown 100 & Select Stallion Stakes
Also Eligible for: 5-State Breeders, Valley Girls Barrel Racing Assoc., & Southwest Desert Classic

Confident & Friendly! The 2nd dam, Flit Bar Squaw, has dominantly stamped horses that are big time natural reiners with lots of cow sense and have extremely calm mature minds making it effortless to train them. Guinevere definitely has definitely been living up to her breeding since she was born!

Also with her sire being AP Six Frosted Moons there is no doubt you were going to get a prospect with a lot of disposition!
Guinevere has a very sweet way about her and yet is very secure in her surroundings. To halter train she wasn’t rattled by anything and was very open and honest when being given instruction.

My Guinevere is going to get noticed no matter what direction she goes!

Asking $6000