About Us

Rodney & Beverly Ruzsa

Owner / Trainer

Jennifer Ruzsa

Owner / Trainer

Who Are We ?

At Ruzsa Quarter Horses, we strive to produce horses that are competitive in and out of the arena. We have been very selective in what mares we buy and what stallions we introduce to our mare. We are always looking for ways to enhance our program and love to make new crosses with the incredible genetics in the industry.

Our History

Ruzsa Quarter Horses was founded in 1990 by Rodney Ruzsa, sharing his love for horses with his daughter Jennifer. Rodney was raised with horses and was a hobby team roper. In addition, he was interested in horse breeding and had an eye for good genetics.

With that first set of horses, Rodney began to share his passion for horse breeding with Jennifer as she intently watched her dad selectively buy broodmares and put them through a screening process to cross them with the right stallions.

When founding Ruzsa Stallion Ima Sun Frost was born he set the pace of the direction the program would take. He was a product of Rodney’s selective breeding. As this stallion grew he possessed unique characteristics that led Ruzsa Quarter Horses to grow into a bigger program to support this incredible horse. To compliment Ima Sun Frost the Ruzsa program brought in Sawyer Wood. Ruzsa’s largely based themselves around good Driftwood blood and loved to cross it with speed. So, they took Ima Sun Frost’s daughters and crossed them on Sawyer Wood, vise versa and also with some great running bred mares. These two, great stallions have taken Ruzsa’s to new heights having sired world champions, state champions and national finals horses. The core to the program was with these two great Stallions and you will still see their influence heavily embedded in the Ruzsa program. 

The New Ruzsa stallions maintain a balance of that Driftwood and running blood keeping it alive and well. 

Visit our Stallion Page to view the current Stallions behind the Ruzsa Program.